Ultrafiltration – Membranes

Supratec Membrane offers highest-quality ultrafiltration membranes based on PVDF at very competitive prices. Our membranes are characterized by an extremely porous and homogeneous pore structure. These excellent features lead to significant advantages in the operation of MBR applications:

  • Significantly higher clean water permeability
  • Consistently higher flux rates for MBR applications compared to other membranes available in the market.
  • Reduced energy costs due to higher porosity and lower membrane resistance
  • Lower investment costs due to a reduction of the required membrane area
  • Strongly reduced membrane fouling due to smaller pore sizes and reduced pore blockage as well as associated longer service life of the membranes
  • Enhanced cleaning efficiency and excellent cut off due to very narrow pore size distribution

Membrane specification

Membrane type Ultrafiltration Flatsheet Membrane Ultrafiltration Hollow Fiber Membrane
Membrane materialPVDF PVDF
Nominal pore size0.03 µm0.03 µm
Maximum pore size0.05 µm0.05 µm
Pure water permeability>1.500 LMH/bar>3.000 LMH/bar
Membrane Flux (MBR-application)10 - 60 l/m²h10 - 60 l/m²h
Membrane width40,0“40,0“
Membrane thickness including backing material230µm230µm
backing materialPET (optional PP) FleecePET braid

Chemical Tolerances

Max cleaning concentrationMax operating concentrationLife time exposure
Chlorine as Cl at 20°C5,000 ppm6 ppm5,000,000 ppm·h
Chlorine as Cl at 40°C3,000 ppm4 ppm3,000,000 ppm·h
Acid/Base at up to 40°C2 – 11 pH5 – 10 pH70,000 ppm·h as NaOH
Mixture of base and Cl23,000 ppm Chlorinen.a.3,000,000 ppm·h Chlorine
Ozone at 40°C0.5 ppm for < 300 h0.50 ppm200 ppm·h
Ozone at 20°C0.55 ppm for < 300 h0.55 ppm250 ppm·h
Water oversaturated O2n.a.OversaturatedNo limit

Conditioning/drying prevention:

Our membranes are impregnated with glycerin or other alternative material to prevent the membrane pores from collapsing during transport and storage. The conditioning material will be washed out before activation and final use. For the operation the membrane has to be activated.

For detailed instructions on washing, activating and conditioning or alternative activation procedures, please contact Supratec Membrane GmbH.


  • Municipal wastewater treatment
  • Industrial wastewater treatment
  • Water reuse
  • Drinking water treatment
  • Grey water treatment